Where it all started...

     It all began around 2012, when I came up with my first original character: Heromaster! This was Mason before HVH, and before I adopted a more cartoony art style. Around that time, instead of making original villains, I would just pin him against people from movies and games (Example: Pitch Black - Rise of the Guardians). Further along, around 2016, I started building on to Heromaster's abilities, and he became a sort of shape-shifter. He wore this crystal heart around his neck. The crystal was shattered, and each fracture would represent a different transformation. There were 4 different shards, for 4 "fractured images" he could turn into:

  • Anatomy - Half kid, half skeleton.

  • Garden Boss - Had full control of all plants from Plants vs. Zombies (yes I was one of those kids).

  • Jukebox Hero - Robot child who could sing any song like their respective artist. 

  • Horror - Heromaster's inner demon.

     I had done nothing but dream of and draw my OC at that time, and I began to crave story telling. Soon enough, I would get my fix...


     My 9th-grade year rolled around, and we had a special assignment in LA 2. Students had to create an Epic - be may poem or movie - about a hero crossing into the unknown, to save someone/something from the clutches of an evil villain, while also saving themselves by discovering a moral. From the perspective of someone who has been drawing heroes for years, it was amazing! However, in the eyes of a procrastinator, it was one's worst nightmare. You could probably guess which person I was. BOTH!!! I didn't start on that story until the last minute! I was hounded down by my mom to get it done (love you mom!). I sat in the kitchen typing away as fast as I could, and after eight hours, I finished my epic: "Heromaster, and The Labyrinth of Mysteries". This was the first original story I had created featuring Heromaster, with his new alternate name, Mason. It also had a few new characters, including my first (original) antagonist, Vortox. When I read it to the class, everybody loved it, even the teacher! I aced that assignment. Although, after rereading it as a senior in high school, I really don't see how. It was pretty sloppy, but at the end of the day, I had learned something invaluable: I SUCK AT DESCRIBING THINGS WITH WORDS!

     However, despite how god awful that story was, I still couldn't get it out of my head! Then, one night in 2018, I had a dream involving Mason & Vortox. The only difference: They weren't alone... Ever since that day, I created new characters, had more dreams, and wrote down more ideas, preparing to make something big!

     Now, 3 years later, I still haven't done much with it. So, I (re)built this website to show off my characters and give them a bit of a presence online. That, and also for comics, which I do plan on making, eventually...